Public announcement: Influenza virus


A reminder of the press release issued by the Ministry of Health (MoPH) in Lebanon on 19 January, 2016 related to the influenza virus.

The MoPH recorded an increase in the number of patients affected by influenza in recent weeks. However, it has not yet recorded any increase in the number of deaths from the flu this year compared to last year.

The MoPH would like to remind the citizens about prevention measures for flu:

First for prevention: The flu is transmitted from an infected person through coughing and sneezing and by hands. So it is advisable to cover the nose and mouth with paper tissue when coughing or sneezing, and to adopt basic hygiene measures by washing hands regularly.

Second, for the treatment: Most cases of influenza recovered and need only to combat fever with basic anti-fever pills and plenty of fluid intake and home rest. However, some cases may have serious complications, especially children under five, elderly, people with chronic illnesses and pregnant women which necessitate consulting a doctor as soon as they witness difficulty in breathing or any other complications or if high fever persists for more than five days. We recommend that patient with flu must stay home and be absent from school or from work until full recovery.

For information on access to health centers, please consult the information brochure for your area.




-Mount Lebanon and Beirut

-For refugees and asylum-seekers from all countries except Syria