Q&A on spam messages on Ministry of Interior decisions

Q&A on spam messages on Ministry of Interior decisions

Question: I recently received information that new decisions have been issued by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities concerning entry to Lebanon, residency renewal and the related fees. Is this information true?

No. The information which has been circulating recently, often under the form of a whatsapp, Facebook or text/SMS message (see below for example) is not coming from the Government of Lebanon or from UNHCR and must be considered as false information.

Do not trust any information regarding government policies that is not transmitted from Government official sources or UNHCR.

Official communication related to the entry and stay requirements in Lebanon can be found on the GSO website: www.general-security.gov.lb. Information can also be obtained by calling the General Security Office (GSO) at 1717.

In case of doubt, please approach UNHCR or partners providing legal counsel for information.


“Urgent and Important for all refugees in Lebanon

Decisions have been taken in Lebanon by the Ministry of the Interior and Lebanese public security.

Many decisions were agreed upon between the two sister’s countries Syria and Lebanon. And in the goal of repairing the relations between the two countries; the following decisions have been taken:

1. You can import any foodstuffs from Syria now without any restrictions on the border.

2. Export to Syria and neighboring countries will be without any restrictions

3. The Syrian and Lebanese borders are both open. Entrance of Syrians to Lebanon doesn’t require anymore a Lebanese sponsor and is free of charge.

4. Lebanese Sponsoring system has been canceled at GSO.

5. Syrians whom their residency permit ended since 6 months and below have to pay an amount of $ 50.

6. Syrians whom their residency permits ended 6 months and above have to pay $ 100.

7. Syrians whom their residency permit ended for more than 1 year cannot renew their documents at Lebanese GSO. Instead they have to go to the Lebanese and Syrians Borders to renew their residency there.

8. Those who do not hold ID or passport cannot renew their residency in Lebanon.

These decisions will be published the 29th of June 2015 on the New TV Lebanese Channel right after the News.”