Information Note to refugees on returns from Arsal


What does UNHCR know about the ongoing return initiatives?

UNHCR is aware about recent return movements of Syrians living in Arsal to the Qalamoun region in Syria, and learned through public sources on 27 July about another agreement that includes provisions about the return to Syria of combatants and their families.

UNHCR is not part of any of these agreements.

UNHCR is not involved in organizing or facilitating returns of refugees in these current movements.

UNHCR provides information and advice to the government authorities and other actors about the right of refugees to freely decide if they want to return in these movements and other rights of refugees in return situations.

What should refugees do?

The decision to return to one’s country is a personal decision. Refugees who are thinking about returning to Syria under any of these agreements should freely decide, without being pressured by anyone, including within their own family or community, and based on reliable information they have about the return process and the conditions in the area of origin.

UNHCR will respect free and informed decisions to return home made by individual refugees before conditions normally in place for refugee return are met.

Refugees can contact UNHCR Office in Zahle and Beirut for additional information

Beirut/Mount Lebanon: Ramlet El-Baida, Dr. Philippe Hitti St. - behind Spinney's Supermarket, Beirut, Monday to Friday 8am - 2pm, or call 01-820848, Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm.

Bekaa: Zahle highway, near Kaysar Ata Ice Cream (Zahle), or call 08-930468, Monday to Friday 8am- 4pm

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