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Message from UNHCR’s Representative in Lebanon to refugees April 2023


In recent days many of you have reached out to UNHCR to report incidents of forced return of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. I know this is causing deep distress and fear among families across the country. Please know that UNHCR is engaging with the Government of Lebanon on this issue.

I want to reassure you that UNHCR remains mobilized, at this difficult time, to answer your queries and concerns. Depending on the needs of each individual case reported to us, we are providing support to those held in immigration detention, prisons, police stations and justice palaces – as well as the families left behind - with psychosocial, medical, legal, and material assistance.

In these times of deepening economic crisis, advocating for increased support for Lebanon by the international community remains a priority for UNHCR. As are our efforts to continue to provide support to refugees and Lebanese communities across the country, including through community support projects that provide access to water and electricity for over 1.5 million persons.

If a member of your family has been deported, call UNHCR at 01903014 or e-mail us at [email protected] to report it. Please be ready to share as much information as possible about the individual and their circumstances, to assist UNHCR to support as best as possible.

We encourage you to keep any documents related to your current or previous residency in Lebanon with you at all times.


Ivo Freijsen, UNHCR Lebanon Representative