Q&A for Winter Assistance Support 2014/2015


1. How do I know if I’m eligible to receive winter support for this year?

If you are found to be eligible to receive winter assistance support, humanitarian organizations partners of UNHCR will and send you an SMS notification around the second week of November 2014 or in January 2015.

This SMS will tell you where and when to go to receive the assistance provided.

If you didn’t receive any SMS it means that you were found NOT to be eligible to receive such assistance.

2. What will I receive and how?

The assistance to be provided will vary depending on the need of the person and or family found to be eligible, the area of residence in Lebanon and the financial availability.

In addition, some assistance such as blankets and diesel stoves will be provided this year to persons who had been identified by UNHCR and or partner agencies. In case you had been selected, you will be notified by UNHCR.

Depending on the reasons mentioned above, your assistance may be provided either in cash through the humanitarian assistance card, in kind, or through cards that you can use in specific locations.

In the SMS that you will be receiving, you will be informed on how the assistance will be provided to you and your family.

3. When and where will I receive the assistance?

Wait for the SMS that you will be receiving to know when and where the assistance will be provided. If we sent you an SMS but you didn't receive it, it is possible that you changed your phone number and we are not aware. Please always inform UNHCR or any humanitarian agency in case you changed either your phone number or your address so we can contact you.

It may also be that your friend/family didn’t give you the message in case you are sharing your phone with other. Please make sure to check the messages received in your phone regularly.

4. If I received a fuel card, when and how can I redeem it to receive fuel?

The card is an electronic cash substitute only to be used to fill gasoline in 237 MEDCO and Phoenicia stations across Lebanon. In order to redeem the card you will have to approach any of the gas stations mentioned in the list below during their opening hours 8 am to 3 pm.

Show your refugee certificate (UN paper) and give the card to the gas station employees and you will receive the fuel in exchange. The cards are valid until the end of February 2015. If you have any queries, please call Medco at 03784125.

Station name/Location

Beirut/ Mount Lebanon

Medco Achrafieh Facing Sagesse, Achrafieh Beirut

Medco Ain Roumaneh/Group 3 SARL Ain Roumaneh, Ghasan Nahoul Beirut

Medco B.C.D Tabaris Sqr, Down Town Beirut

Medco Bourj El Barajneh Bourj El Barajneh Beirut

Medco El Hady Airport Road Beirut

Medco Fassouh El saydeh church Beirut

Medco Furn El Chebbak Facing Abraj, Furn El Chebbak Beirut

Medco Haret Hreik Haret Hreik Beirut

Medco Jazaer Aisha Bakkar Beirut

Medco Karantina Facing Sukleen, Karantina Beirut

Medco Sidani Hamra, Ras Beirut Beirut

Phoenicia Bachoura Bachoura Beirut

Phoenicia Chevrolet Facing Cellis Palm Center, Chevrolet Beirut

Phoenicia Kfarchima Werwar Road, Kfarchima Beirut

Phoenicia Lyon Near Picadelli, Hamra Beirut

Phoenicia Unesco Unesco Hwy, Beirut Beirut

BP Naher-Mallah Near Peugeot, Naher Beirut

Damour Al Koubra Main Entrance Damour Bridge, Damour Beirut

Daou Oil - Winco Khaldeh Khaldeh hwy Beirut

Daou Oil - Tyro Tyro Choueifat Beirut

FM Ain El Remmaneh Behind El hayat Hospital, Ain El Remmaneh Beirut

Hypco Amaret Chalhoub - El Sahel Amaret Chalhoub, Zalka Beirut

Hypco Bir Hassan Bir Hassan Beirut

Hypco Hadath Hadath Beirut

Hypco Markazieh Hamra Beirut

IPT Choueifate Choueifate, Beirut Beirut

Mobil Adlieh Adlieh, Furn El Chebbak Beirut

Mobil Manara Main Road, Manara Beirut

Mobil Ras el Nabeh, Beirut

Mobil Sanayeh Speers, Sanayeh Beirut

Mobil Wardeh Hamra Beirut

Platinum Oil United Hazmieh Beirut

Station Hachem- Basta Beirut

Station Hachem- Sfeir Beirut

Station Hachem- Tahwitit el Ghadir Beirut

Station Hachem- Jnah Beirut

Station Hachem- Abdel Nour Dahiyeh Beirut

Station Hachem- Al Abyad Dahiyeh Beirut

Station Hachem- Marriott Beirut

Station Hachem- Ouzai Beirut

Station Hachem- Maamoura Dahiyeh Beirut

Station Hachem- Mouawad Beirut

Station Hachem - Blvd Camille Chamoun, Galerie Semaan Beirut

Station Hachem - Hadath Hadath Beirut

Station Hachem - Haret Hreik Haret Hreik Beirut

Station Igwana /Joe Ghalieh Sami Solh Beirut

Station Jabbour Hazmieh Beirut

Medco Chhim Chhim Chouf

Medco Deir El Moukhallis Deir El Moukhallis-Joun Chouf

Medco Kfarhim Kfarhim - Chouf Road Chouf

Phoenicia Deir el Kamar Deir el kamar, main road Chouf

Coral Mazboud Chhim Chouf

Station Maasser Beit ElDine Beit ElDine Chouf

Medco Achkout Jwar El Bouechik Keserouan

Medco Ballouneh Ballouneh, Main Road Keserouan

Medco Breij Breij, Aannaya road Keserouan

Medco Bzoummar Bzoummar Keserouan

Medco Fakra Fakra Keserouan

Medco Fata'a Fata'a, main road Keserouan

Medco Fidar Fidar, Halat highway Keserouan

Medco Halat Kobayat Road Keserouan

Medco Halat - KoraDaou Main Road, Halat Keserouan

Medco Jbeil,Sadik Barrak Jbeil- Edde Road Keserouan

Medco Jeita Jeita Keserouan

Medco Jounieh,Saydet Lebnen Jounieh after Saydet Lebnan Keserouan

Medco Kfarzebian - Akiki Main Road, Kfarzebian Keserouan

Medco Kfarzebian - Salameh Salameh Keserouan

Medco Kfour Kfour, Main Road Keserouan

Medco Klay3at Roumiyeh main road Keserouan

Medco Mayrouba Main Road Keserouan

Medco Nahr El Kaleb Nahr El Kaleb Keserouan

Medco Zouk (EL Hajj) Zouk Keserouan

Medco Zouk St Charbel Adonis - Zouk Mekael Keserouan

Phoenicia Reyfoun Main Road, Raifoun Keserouan

Phoenicia Zouk Mosbeh Near Yasouh El Malak Keserouan

Byblos Jbeil Petroleum Jbeil Keserouan

Byblos Jeita Petroleum Jeita Keserouan

Coral Ajaltoun Round About, Main Road Keserouan

Coral Ajaltoun 2 Ajaltoun town Keserouan

Coral Jbeil - Aanaya Aanaya Main Road, Jbeil Keserouan

Jirco Jbeil - ENJM LAU MainRoad, Jbeil Keserouan

Jirco Mastita/Ernest Geryes Mastita Keserouan

Mallah Shaileh Shaileh Keserouan

Manar Tabarja Tabarja Roundabout Keserouan

Mema Faraya/Joseph Mema Faraya Keserouan

United Ghazir Ghazir Keserouan

United Kartaba Kartaba Main Road Keserouan

United Sahel Alma Sahel Alma, Jounieh Keserouan

Wookood Station Haret Sakher Keserouan

Medco Ain Saade-Fanar Fanar Metn

Medco Aley Aley Metn

Medco Antelias Highway Facing Golden Beach, Antelias Metn

Medco Araya/ MLE Araya Metn

Medco Bhamdoun Bhamdoun Metn

Medco Bou Abboud Mkalles Metn

Medco Bou Abboud Dekwaneh Metn

Medco Bourgi Nahr El Kaleb Metn

Medco Broumana,Bou Fadel Broumana, Main Road Metn

Medco Broumana, Abdo Bou Samra Broumana Metn

Medco Choueit Daher El Wahech Metn

Medco Cornet Chehwane Cornet Chehwane main road Metn

Medco Dbayeh Dbayeh highway Metn

Medco Sawfar / Abdel Khalek Kahaleh Metn

Medco Dekwaneh Next to SGBL, Dekwaneh Metn

Medco Dora Dora hwy - facing Mercedes Metn

Medco Dora (Sea Side) Sea Side Hwy, Dora Metn

Medco Dora Milan Dora High Way Metn

Medco Fiyadieyh Fiyadieyh, Main Road Metn

Medco Fouar Antelias Metn

Medco Hammana Hammana Metn

Medco Haret Balleneh Dbayeh Metn

Medco Jiyeh, Highway (station owner) Jiyeh Metn

Medco Jisr El Wati / Mallah Jisr El Wati Metn

Medco Jouar El Khenchara Khenchara Metn

Medco Jouret El Ballout Metn El Sari3 Metn

Medco Kaberchmoun(Joseph Haykal) Baysour Metn

Medco Kahhaleh Kahaleh Metn

Medco Mansourieh (Rizkallah) Mansourieh Metn

Medco Mansourieh/Kanater Zbeide Mansourieh Metn

Medco Mar Chaaya Mar Chaaya Metn

Medco Monsef Monsef Metn

Medco Souk EL Ghareb Souk El Ghareb Metn

Medco Zandouka Zandouka Metn

Medco Zekrit Zekrit Metn

Phoenicia Antelias Near Souk El Frenj, Antelias Metn

Phoenicia Aytat Aytat Metn

Phoenicia Baabda Facing St Georges Church, Baabda Metn

Phoenicia Caltex Araya Araya Metn

Phoenecia Monteverde Monteverde - Near Os Restaurant Metn

Phoenecia Salha Ras el Metn Metn

Phoenicia Sin El Fil Facing Pain D'Or, Horch Tabet, Sin El Fil Metn

Phoenicia Ste.Rita Near Noura Ctr, Sin El-Fil Metn

Abi Habib Roumieh Roumieh-Main road Metn

AG LIBAN - Sabtieh Dekwaneh Metn

Coral Beit El Chaar Beit El Chaar Metn

Coral St. Elie Jdeideh Metn

Daou Oil- Ain Anoub Ain Anoub Metn

Daou Oil- Bhamdoun Bhamdoun, Baalechmay Metn

Daou Oil- Damour/ Bahjat Daou Damour Metn

Daou Oil - Dohat Aramoun Dohat Aramoun Metn

Mallah Beit Chabab Beit Chabab Metn

Mallah El Delb EL Delb, Bikfaya Metn

Mallah El Harat Antelias El Hara Metn

Mallah Jal El-Dib Jal El-Dib Hwy Metn

Mallah Mezher Mezher Metn

Manar Elyssar Elyssar Metn

Mobil Bhamdoun (Mafest) Bhamdoun, Baalechmay Metn

Mobil Sawfar Sawfar Metn

Speed Bauchrieh/Michel Abi Mansour Bauchrieh Metn

Speed Bsalim (Joseph Moussa) Bsalim Metn

Station Imad Rizkallah Dhour Choueir Metn

United Douwar Douwar Metn


Medco Ablah Ablah Bekaa

Medco Ali Nahri- Aytam Ali Nahri Bekaa

Medco Chtoura / Amadco Chtoura Bekaa

Medco Dhour Zahle (Elie Khatcho) Dhour Zahle Bekaa

Medco El Ferzol (El Hajj Chahine) Ferzol Bekaa

Medco Jeb Jeannine Jeb Jeannine Bekaa

Medco Karoun Karoun Bekaa

Medco Ksara Ksara , Zahle Bekaa

Medco Rachaya Rachaya Bekaa

Medco Saghbine Saghbine, Bekaa Bekaa

Medco Sar3in Baalback Sar3in main road Bekaa

Medco Taanayel Taanayel, Damascus Road Bekaa

Medco Tal Chiha Zahle Bekaa

Medco Zahle (Ghantous) Zahle Bekaa

Medco Zahle (Nadim Attallah) Zahle Bekaa

Medco Zahle (Nicolas Breidy) Zahle Bekaa

Phoenicia Anjar Anjar Bekaa

Phoenicia Machghara Machghara Bekaa

Hypco Labweh Labweh, Baalbak Bekaa

Station Baalback, Al Jammal Baalback road Bekaa

Station Bednayel After Ferzol, ----> 25 KM Bekaa

Station Diyaa Diyaa Bekaa

Station Hermel Hermel Bekaa

Station Jammal Baalback (El Hellaniyeh) Hellaniyeh Bekaa

Zak Trading Company Baalback-Camille Chamoun street Bekaa


Medco Bahsas Bahsas, Main Road North

Medco Beddaoui Tripoli main road North

Medco Beit Mender Beit Mender, Arz main road North

Medco Bsorma Bsorma North

Medco Halba Halba North

Medco Kfaraaka Kfaraaka North

Medco Kfarhabou Kfarhabou North

Medco Kobayat Kobayat North

Medco Tekrit Tekrit North

Medco Tilal Akkar Akkar North

Medco Thoum Thoum, Batroun North

Medco Tripoli El Mina, Tripoli North

Medco Zgharta Zgharta North

Phoenicia Halba Halba, North North

Phoenicia Kfaraabida Koura,Main Road North

APEC Bakhoun Bakhoun main road North

APEC Bcharreh Becharré North

APEC Btouram koura North

Coral Franjieh Kfarfou Zgharta North

Coral Kfarhata Zgharta Ehden main road North

Coral Rachana Road to Rafqua, Madfoun North

Coral Sibiil Sibiil North

Fenianos Chekka 1 Chekka highway North

Fenianos Chekka 2 Chekka highway North

Fenianos Zghorta Zghorta North

IPT Amyoun Amyoun North

IPT Batroun Batroun North

IPT Kobayat (Elia Hakmeh) Kobayat North

IPT Zgharta Zghorta North

Station Abdeh Akkoumy Abdeh North

Station Bcharre Bcharre North

Station Chekka (Serco) Old Road North

Station Omar Abdel Ader Aydamoun North

United Zeater Zein Batroun North


Medco Aabbassieh Aabbassieh South

Medco Ain Ebel Ain Ebel South

Medco Anan Jezzine Main Road South

Medco Beit Yahoun Tebnine Road South

Medco Ghandourieh Deir Keifa South

Medco Hariss - Speedy Station Hariss South

Medco Hlaliyeh (QUEEN STATION) Saida South

Medco Ibl El Saki Ibl El Saki South

Medco Jezzine Jezzine Main Road South

Medco Jouaya- Mjadel Mjadel South

Medco Msayleh Msayleh main road South

Medco Nabatieh Nabatieh South

Medco Rmeich Rmeich South

Medco Saida-Bakhour Saida - South South

Medco Saida (Chams Station) Road To Jezzine South

Medco Sarafand Main Road South

Medco Sour or Medco Tyr Tyr Roundabout South

Phoenicia Kfarjarra Kfarjarra South Jezzine Road South

Phoenicia Saida/Hassan Joude Saida South

Phoenicia Tebnine Main Road South

Coral Hasbaya Hasbaya South

Mobil Anan Anan South

Mobil Saida ( Joudi ) Saida South

Station Chebaa Chebaa South

Station Ghazieh Saida South

Station kassem-Marjeyoun Marjeyoun South

5. Do I have to be registered with UNHCR to receive winter assistance?

Yes. Unless you are selected by other agencies that assist Syrian National not registered with UNHCR. They will contact you in that case.

6. If I’m not eligible, what can I do? Is there any organization other than UNHCR and partners providing winter support?

Maybe, but we are not aware of. You may ask the local authorities and associations in your area of residence.

7. My family and I are planning to relocate from our current residence to a colder area; will this help to receive assistance?

Indeed you can relocate if you and your family have the intention to do so. However, you will not receive winter support only because you relocated as the assessment for those found to be eligible for the winter support was done taking into consideration the area of residence at the time of the assessment.

If you relocate to another area, please approach the UNHCR Registration Centre in order to update your new address.

8. I will soon change phone number, how will you contact me?

You can inform UNHCR staff or any humanitarian organization. You can also send an SMS to 70262656 by writing your file case number (mentioned in the UN paper), then the secure paper serial number (found at the back of the UN paper) and then your new phone number. Once your SMS is sent, you will receive an automatic reply from UNHCR within 24 hours confirming that UNHCR successfully updated your new phone number.

List of winter support organizations



Address/Contact Info


Beirut/Mnt Lebanon

Hotline #: 71912345

Makhouzmi Foundation

Beirut/Mnt Lebanon

Address : Kornich El Mazraa, Rihani Bldg, 5th floor, Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: 01-659917 ext 0

Hotline: 70815872