Q&A: October Food Assistance


1. Who is the World Food Programme?
The World Food Programme (WFP) is an organization of the United Nations specialized in fighting hunger worldwide. WFP provides food assistance through the “UN Electronic Card” (Blue Card) dedicated to offer food assistance to people displaced from Syria found to be most in need by the United Nations organizations.

2. When in December will the e-cards be loaded?
We will communicate the exact date with stakeholders in the next few days. WFP is deeply concerned about the food security of refugees and is making all concerted efforts to mitigate the situation and appeal for more funding. WFP and CPs will send refugees a follow-up SMS to inform them on the exact loading dates.

3. Does this affect the safety net assistance for targeted Syrian refugees?
The safety net assistance will continue. Those found to be most in need who are benefiting from the safety net assistance are considered the most nutritionally vulnerable people in the population. WFP makes sure these individuals have sufficient access to food and thus will be included in the food assistance that will be given in December.

4. Does this affect refugees’ registration with UNHCR?
This is not related to refugees’ registration with UNHCR, as WFP does not conduct registration for refugees. For other types of assistance, refugees are kindly requested to contact UNHCR or humanitarian partners in their area.

5. Will the same offload date of the e-cards on 3rd of January still apply?
E-cards will be offloaded on the 3rd of January 2015 prior to the next loading date on the 5th of January 2015.

6. How is WFP mitigating the situation for refugees?
WFP is deeply concerned about the food security of the refugees and is making all concerted efforts to mitigate the situation and appeal for more funding to maintain the food assistance in the coming months.

7. Is December’s scenario repeating itself in January?
WFP is exerting all efforts to ensure funding for the upcoming months and is working with its governmental and non-governmental partners to address the pressing need for financial resources. Relevant updates will be communicated by SMS.

8. Will the assistance to the most in need of Lebanese be affected?
No. The Ministry of Social Affairs is planning to assist 5,000 Lebanese families of those found to be the most in need, with technical assistance from WFP. There is a separate source of funding for this project and there will not be any reduction.

Refugees are advised to contact the hotline in their area for additional questions

Partner Hotline number

North Lebanon
Save the Children (Akkar) 01-370189
DRC Tripoli 70-578125
Mercy Corps (Britel, Baalbeck, Ain, Fakeha and Laboue) 76-723716
ACF (Aarsal, Hermel and Qaa) 71-553131
InterSOS (West Bekaa - Rashaya) 78-975251
World Vision (Central Bekaa) 70-156482; 76-892282
PU-AMI (Beirut/Mt. Lebanon) 70-215900; 03-105294
ACF (Saida + Jezzine) 76-363431; 78-885162
ACF (South excluding Saida) 76-147916; 78-889085