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Q&A for Syrians Seeking Registration


1. Can I register with UNHCR?

For the time being, you cannot register with UNHCR. As of 5 May 2015, registration for Syrians has been temporarily suspended until further notice. This follows instructions UNHCR has received from the Government of Lebanon.

At this point, UNHCR reception centre staff will only be collecting some basic information from you such as your name, names of your family members, dates of birth and your current situation in Lebanon, including any vulnerability.

2. Can I still contact UNHCR?

Yes, and we encourage you to call UNHCR to schedule a counseling appointment. You will be asked some questions about your name, your family size, your current situation in Lebanon and your date of arrival. After this information is collected, you will be given a counseling appointment to approach UNHCR. (Please see below for UNHCR hotlines and reception centers in Lebanon).

3. Will I receive a registration certificate after contacting UNHCR?

No, you will not receive a UNHCR registration certificate. Currently, registration is temporarily suspended.

4. Will I receive any assistance?

UNHCR and partners are looking into ways of ensuring that most basic and life-saving interventions are delivered to those found to be most in need.

5. Is the suspension of registration linked to the cutting of food assistance?

No. Food assistance is managed by WFP and not related to the suspension of registration.

6. What are the conditions to receive assistance?

Vulnerabilities guide the level and type of assistance that is provided by UNHCR and partners, and is assessed on a case by case.

7. My husband just arrived from Syria; can I add him to my file?

No. The registration is currently suspended.

8. I am registered with UNHCR but my newborn child is not. Can I add my child to the UNHCR registration certificate (UN Paper)?

Yes, you should obtain an appointment from the UNHCR Reception Centre in your area. On the day of the appointment you and/or your spouse should come to the UNHCR Reception Centre with the new born child and present the Lebanese birth certificate endorsed by a Mukhtar located in the area where the birth occurred.

However, please note that UNHCR can only add the child if all three of the following requirements are met:

  • The baby is born in Lebanon
  • At least one parent is already registered with UNHCR
  • You have the Lebanese birth certificate

9. Can other family members who have been in Lebanon be added to my file?


10. When will this temporary suspension end?

UNHCR is working closely with the Government to address the impact of its decision not to allow UNHCR to register anymore.

11. Does this mean that the GOL is requesting UNHCR to close its operations in Lebanon?


12. Does this mean that the GOL plans to force refugees back to Syria?

The government’s policy is clear: No forced returns to Syria.

UNHCR hotline


01-903014 (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm)

UNHCR Reception Centers

Akkar: Appointments at the Tripoli reception center.

Beirut/Mount Lebanon: In person, at the reception center in Ramlet El-Baida, Dr. Philippe Hitti St. behind Spinney's Supermarket, Beirut, Monday to Friday 8am - 2pm.

Bekaa: Zahle highway, near Kaysar Ata IceCream (Zahle). However, no appointments in person.

South: In person, at the reception center in Villa Krischt, Al Hosh, in Tyre, Monday to Friday 8am - 2pm, or call for an appointment.

Tripoli: In person, at the reception center next to Rachid Karame Exhibition Centre in Tripoli, Monday to Friday 8am - 2pm.