Frequently Asked Questions

The following list of updated Questions and Answers are produced by UNHCR for refugees and asylum seekers in Lebanon.

1. Hotlines of UNHCR and partners offering services to refugees

2. Education:

  • Q&A for the ‘Back to School’ Programme 2017/2018
  • Q&A on Education: ‘Accelerated Learning Programme’ for out of school children- 19/5/2016
  • Q&A related to second shift schools- 23/1/2015
  • Q&A on Higher Education- 21/08/2017
  • Q&A on Education: 1/Fraudulent scholarships for minors, and 2/Syrian schools in Lebanon- 16/4/2015

3. Entry and renewal:

  • Q&A ‘for Syrian refugees on new requirements for residency renewal in Lebanon’- 7/3/2017
  • Procedures for Syrians entering Lebanon

4. Food

  • Q&A on Food Assistance from the World Food Programme (WFP)- 02/02/2017
  • To check the WFP food shops and locations, click here
  • World Food Programme hotlines

5. Government of Lebanon decisions/policies

  • Q&A on the Lebanese Government decision allowing Syrians to exit Lebanon through an official border and regularize their status in Lebanon- 21/8/2014

6. Health

  • Q&A on health assistance provided to refugees and asylum seekers by UNHCR and partner organizations in Lebanon- 4/3/2016

7. New born babies and registration with the Government of Lebanon

  • Q&A for Syrians on how to register new born babies with the Lebanese authorities - 27/12/2017
  • Q&A on marriage registration for Syrian refugees who marry in Lebanon- 24/6/2016

8. Registration and data agreement

  • Q&A for Syrians Seeking Registration- 15/7/2015
  • Q&A on the Data Sharing Agreement between Government of Lebanon and UNHCR on basic information about Syrian refugees- 23/1/2015

9. Resettlement/Travel abroad

  • Q&A on Travelling Abroad- 28/9/2015
  • Q&A on ‘Spam information regarding Traveling Abroad through UNHCR’- 20/2/2015

10. Winter assistance

  • Q&A for Syrian Refugees on Winter Assistance Support 2017/2018

11. Other

  • Q&A on the general amnesty for Syrian army deserters and draft evader

12. Shelter

  • Q&A related to the 'reduction of shelter assistance in refugee settlements in Lebanon'

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